Seeking a furnished seaview house close to Athens International…

Seeking a furnished seaview house close to Athens International…

Seeking a furnished seaview house close to Athens International airport or a villa is not straightforward.

Seeking a fully equipped seaview apartment close to Athens International airport or a hotel isn’t simple. We present you a good group of these flats, houses, villas which were selected by our best collaborators in places such as Artemida, Vraona, Spata, Markopoulo, Rafina and other residential areas close to the airport.

Welcome to the first and most specialized short-term house rental service in Greece.
By selecting us, you’ll have the possibility to experience a unique stay in one of the fully equipped and furnished residences we’ve available near Athens International airport. In a nutshell, flats, villas and all our houses, including studios, join:

A large number of alternatives in perfect places. Here you can locate a full selection of residential services with total privacy & flexibility, exceptional aesthetics and consistently excellent value for money close to the sea and near Athens International airport.
The main edge of my house is the place: 2km (3 minutes by car) from the closest beach, the large sandy beach of “8th bus station” and also 3 km from several magnificent beaches and the center of Artemida. Practically with a vehicle or a 3,5 – 5 EUR cab you’re everywhere in within 3-5 minutes.

As I understand very well how pleasant is to be served I’m passionate about servicing individuals.

Used to travel and work in a variety of countries giving folks my services all time through.
Want to sail, enjoy the Greek way lifestyle and always with pals and pleasant firm.

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The region around Athens International airport and the way you can gain
The sea is shallow so makes it perfect for families with little kids while the shore. What there are facilities with chairs/umbrellas / showers, numerous café and restaurants.

Okay, everyone comes here for the shore but what about the town? The coastal ave is full of eateries, cafes and stores and during high season hundreds of cars looking for a free place for parking.
Folks of Athens started to come for the shoreline due to the proximity with all the capital although it’s amazing the this was only a small village until the late 70s. Working class people started to build summer houses here and in our days the town has about 18.500 permanent inhabitants, so now is one of the largest towns in east Attica. It’s not anymore merely a summer resort but the commercial epicenter of the general place that additionally contain Spata town.

The general region include several rural areas full of wineries.

The ones that aren’t interested about the shore they better drive to Vraona.

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