The Top Ten Questions to Ask Potential Movers – by MoversCom, the Internet’s best moving resources website, presents this video giving you the top ten questions you should ask your potential movers. The list includes asking about how long the mover has been in the relocation industry, asking for references, inquiring about licensing and insurance, looking into the types of moving estimates they offer, how they charge for moves, how they protect homes and goods, if they have Workers Compensation insurance, what the claims process is, and when the shipment should arrive. Armed with these essential questions, youll certainly be able to pick the right mover. With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry, 15 years online, and over 750,000 pleased customers, strives to bring you top-notch free moving quotes, relocation advice, and tips to get you settled into your new home. If you have questions such as How to prepare moving? Moving budget? Video about movers? how to prepare to move, how to move? how to find local movers? mover video, or moving service. has all the answers about moving. For All Your Moving Needs.


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